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Sauna Heaters

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What is a Sauna Heater?

A sauna heater or sauna stove is used to create the high temperatures that are characteristic of a sauna. Sauna heaters can be both wood burning and electric, although any Finn will tell you wood burning creates the best löyly (pronounced "low-lou" and meaning: sauna steam, sauna feeling or sauna atmosphere). To create that perfect sauna environment your heater needs three things:
  1. A large stone capacity - To do sauna properly and create a great löyly, you need a heater with a lot of sauna stones. There should be gaps between the sauna stones, allowing air to easily pass between them, onto which water can be poured. This creates a heat that is enjoyable and warming, not an uncomfortable radiated heat created by heaters without stones. 
  2. Durability - A broken heater is no heater at all. Sauna heaters take a lot of punishment. They get very hot (not surprising) and for a proper sauna experience, water should be added to the sauna stones. Your heater should be built well out of high grade materials in order to really last.
  3. Authenticity - Sadly most British people experience sauna in their gym's or health clubs, where there is a heater hidden behind a bench with no stones. Any Finn will tell you that this is not a pleasant experience, creates a very bad löyly and certainly does not deserve to be called a sauna. To experience proper Finnish sauna and gain from the many health benefits, you need a proper Finnish sauna heater.
Luckily for you, Narvi, Aito and Kota sauna heaters combine all three of these aspects. Their heaters have the largest stone capacities of their class compared to any other sauna heater brands. They are entirely built in Finland by Finnish hands from high quality components and top-grade steel at market-leading thicknesses. All three brands have been awarded the 'Finnish Key Flag', awarded to authentically Finnish products.