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Aito Kiuas AK47, AK57, AK57K, AK78 & AK110 Heat Storing Wood Burning Sauna/Banya Heater

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  • AK stands for Aito Kiuas, which is Finnish for ‘Genuine Stove’. The sauna heater bears this name, because these traditional heat storing sauna stoves are based on the original sauna heaters used throughout the last century in Finland. Naturally the design has come a long way, being perfected by decades of Finnish ingenuity. Unlike the other constantly burning heaters, these legendary heat storing stoves require only a single heating to provide excellent sauna until the following morning. The huge stone capacity delivers exactly the right kind of high oxygen heat for the truest löyly which is easily regulated, even by a sauna novice.

    The enamelled steel finish is the perfect choice for a durable heater, ensuring rust resistance and making is a pleasure to clean. This heater comes with extremely durable, fast-heating stones that extend their usage life and decrease the required heating time. The AK stoves are the top class heaters for the true sauna connoisseur. A fact that has lead the Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö, to choose this heater for his personal sauna. Needless to say, their constant heat supply is an excellent bonus when fitting sauna around his busy schedule.

    The heat storing heater works by combining the high specific heat capacity of the large volume of olivine or ceramic stones with an insulated casing. In line with our Endurance ethos, the heater is protected with enamelled rustproof steel, the stone compartment is lined with fireproof bricks and the firebox made from cast elements and fireproof mass. Furthermore, the inner lid, fire-grate and hatch are made from high quality cast iron. The AK-47 and 57 heaters are also available as tunnel model heaters, which is truly the ideal option for the user who insists on a tranquil sauna experience. The AK-57 is also available with a white enamel coating.

    The heaters come with the option of either olivine stones or ceramic. In order to help you make the best decision for your personal requirements, the pros and cons of both are discussed below:

    The olivine stones are larger and more durable than olivine diabase (used in other heaters), diabase stones cannot be used in these heaters as they get glowing hot. The olivine stones hold heat longer than ceramic stones, though take longer to heat up and are less durable than the ceramic stones. The olivine stones provide a slightly better löyly although for the AK-78 and AK-110 we suggest using the ceramic stones, on account of the heat exposure, size and weight. Whilst both types of stones take up the same volume, the olivine stones are notably heavier than the ceramic stones, which should be factored into the design of the floor for your sauna. Though both types have a long life expectancy, over time it is important to replace your stones. Although not listed on our site, these can be purchased from ourselves directly as and when required.

    We believe the sauna is a room should be synonymous with relaxation, therefore this heater is shipped with all necessary parts, ready to be installed, making the whole process hassle free. The larger AK-78 and AK-110 models must be fitted by one of our professional fitting teams, due to their large size.

    Model AK-47 AK-57 AK-57K AK-78 AK-110
    Capacity of the sauna 8–12m³ 9–20m³ 11–23m³ 18–40m³ 65–80m³
    Measurements and weight
    Height 101cm 116cm 138cm 140cm 158cm
    Diameter 47cm 57cm 57cm 78cm 110cm
    Heater weight/ Amount of Ceramic Stones/ Amount of Olivine Stones 190kg/ 60kg/ 90kg 270kg/ 90kg/ 160kg 305kg/ 130kg/ 220kg 715kg/ 260kg/ 290kg  1775kg/ 600kg/ 650kg
    Connective flue’s outer diameter 150mm 150mm 150mm 210mm 290mm
    Connective flue from the lower corner of the floor* 128cm* 146cm* 173cm* 189cm* 204cm*
    Encasing enamel-lined, black enamel-lined, black enamel-lined, black painted, black painted, black
    Safety distances**
    To the sides 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
    In front 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
    Upwards 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
    To the rear 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm


    * This is so the sauna bench remains high enough from the surface of the sauna heater. 

    ** Safety distances are to combustible materials.

    Keyflag, CE and Finnmark Ethos

    Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/plumber/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.

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