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Narvi NC 16/20/24 Wood Burning Sauna Heater

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    The timeless design of the Narvi NC wood burning sauna heater range means they are an excellent choice for both traditional and modern saunas. Like all Narvi products, their durability and resilience sets them apart from any other Sauna heater on the market. The Narvi NC has a large stone capacity that ensure a perfect löyly and an even steam distribution. The NC 20 has the largest stone capacity in its class!

    The outer casing of the Narvi range is finely crafted from aluminium galvanised steel and stylishly finished with a graphite-grey paint. For a more distinguished, elegant aesthetic, as well as a greater longevity, the NC 16 and NC 20 heaters are available in brushed stainless steel. The attractive casing can be further accentuated with the addition of sleek white cover stones that will really set your sauna apart from the rest. For saunas in an idyllic, remote location, the NC 20 is also available with a 23 litre water tank, ensuring ample warm water for washing after your refined sauna experience.

    Narvi NC Bullet Points

    Model Narvi NC 16 Narvi NC 20 Narvi NC 24 Narvi NC 20 Water Tank
    Capacity of the sauna 8–16 m³ 10–20 m³ 10–24 m³ 10–20 m³
    Measurements and weight        
    Height 78 cm 80 cm 82 cm 74 cm
    Width 50 cm 54 cm 58 cm 59 cm
    Depth 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm 57 cm
    Heater weight / Amount of stones 72 kg / 50 kg 76 kg / 60 kg 82 kg / 80 kg 80 kg / 50 kg
    Connective flue’s outer diameter 119 mm 119 mm 119 mm 119 mm
    Connective flue from the lower corner of the floor 58 cm 58 cm 64 cm 54 cm
    Fire chamber cover 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
    Encasing painted, graphite grey or stainless steel painted, graphite grey or stainless steel painted, graphite grey painted, graphite grey
    Safety distances*        
    To the sides 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
    In front 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
    Upwards 1250 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
    To the rear 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
    Water Tank Capacity - - - 23 ltr


    Safety distances are to combustible materials.

    Finnish Key Flag, CE and Finnmark Ethos

    Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/plumber/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.

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